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Shanghai Galvanizing: Steady Watch

Shanghai News: 26 Shanghai galvanized plate roll temporarily wait and see, the market deal-oriented. Price: Today's price collection situation, Angang did not spend 1.2mm at 4310 yuan / ton; / ton; Masteel without flower1.0mm reported 4560 yuan / ton; Baosteel Qingshan spent 1.0mm reported 4500 yuan / ton, Tangsteel did not spend 1.0mm reported 4260 yuan / ton.

Entering the second half, the market returned to a relatively stable state, business mentality wait and see, Shanghai galvanized plate roll market price remained stable. Indeed, on the one hand, the current demand is gradually overdrawn by the previous price increase, galvanized plate roll is facing a weak rise situation; Traders said that due to this month's sharp rise in spot, May steel mill resource settlement costs or relatively high, in the actual transaction situation has fallen, more hope that the price relative correction to properly reduce costs.

To sum up, it is expected that the short-term Shanghai galvanized plate volume market to maintain a cautious wait-and-see situation.

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